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Glass, Metal, Other, 2017

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    Claudia Ponce de Leon C.
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    Original value: 9,300
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    In comparing the consistence of glass and a piece of fabric, we evoke contrasting images and sensations. Glass is rigid, fragile and breakable, while fabric has movement, flexibility and resistance. Glass is transparent and fabric is, generally, opaque. The divergence and “contradiction” between these materials inspire me to defy the properties of the glass that I work with, constantly exploring its values, possibilities and limitations.
    The Sarape II piece is part of the “TRAPOS” series. Playing with the spectator’s perception, I wanted to evoke the qualities of different kinds of material through glass, in this case, those of cloth.
    Sarape II projects a flowing movement that suggests undulations in the fabric. Here, the stringers turn into the fibers that weave the warp and weft of a fabric which is stripped of the natural shine from the glass but incorporates transparency as a visual element.
    On the artistic plane, Sarape II speaks of my Mexican identity by representing a traditional weave from my country. For Sarape ll chose one of the most characteristic designs in which the colourful vertical lines are interrupted delicately and discretely by horizontal lines, placed amongst the intermediate layers of the design. Sarape II manifests irregular threaded borders that create the illusion of strings that peer out of the vitreous weave.
    The piece is mounted on a cement underframe which reminds us of the walls of a typical Mexican house.