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  • Happy New Year to all of you!

    2 years ago @Falk von Schönfels

  • Happy Christmas to ya all! I wish you a good time. ✨

    2 years ago @Falk von Schönfels

  • Solo exhibition in New

    2 years ago @Imai Atsushi

    Date: 12 / 15,2021 ~ 1/2,2022

     Reception: 12 / 15,2021 pm6-8

     Location: ARTIFACT (New York)

     Business hours: Wednesday-Saturday 12: 00-6: 00

     This is Imai Atsushi's first solo exhibition of 14 large, medium and small colored pencil drawings and pencil drawings from Agent Select.

  • First published book in 2021

    3 years ago @Imai Atsushi

    Introducing the first magazine published in 2021!

     2021 Look Book 

     In fact, since yesterday, it has been published in the Yearbook of Professional Colored Pencil Painters in the United States as it did last year.

     This time, I consider it as a joint magazine of last year's edition and this year's edition in the sense of supporting coronavirus.

     You can also see the colored pencil drawings of the publisher on this site.

  • Big screen Plaza

    3 years ago @Imai Atsushi

    Good morning.

     The hot and humid weather after rainy season in Japan is an unbearable thing every year.

    By Japan time, it will be 7:00 in the morning on June 12th, and about 6pm yesterday in New York, which is 13 hours ahead of time.

     A special exhibition of the group exhibition Sprung 4 at is being held.

    The place is Big screen Plaza, a famous outdoor facility in New York.  It's not the place you often see on TV.

     Therefore, it was only 1 hour from 6 pm local time, but a monitor exhibition was held to celebrate the recovery of the new coronavirus.

     I am showing the picture "Love and Love Line No.2" in the photo at the beginning.  The monitor is about 90 square meters with high definition image quality.

     This planned exhibition will be held again as soon as the New York State's termination program reaches Phase 4.

  • Art Below Artist talk at Old Brompton Gallery, London Chelsea, May 9th 2019

    4 years ago @Falk von Schönfels

  • Luk GAMA @ TVE 2019

    4 years ago @Luk Gama

    A part of my work in video art participates in Transoceanic Visual Exchange at the Barbados international exhibition at 'Fresh Milk' on November 17th and then in the online version of this event. Know more >

  • My art in video

    5 years ago @Anders Post

    Some of my paintings!

  • All we need to do is stop and ask ourselves some questions.

    5 years ago @Michał Jackowski

    Michal Jackovski starts from a classicist concept of art but knows how to touch our soul, with the harmonious perfection of the forms but, at the same time, make us reflect on our contemporaneity.


    Playing with the modelsof ancient art, he brings new questions to us, pushes us to search for new answers. And that is how, by admiring his sculptures, we also

    find ourselves.


    With these assumptions, its Antique Games Series is born: mythology of the society in which we live, affected by an unbridled consumerism that engulfs everything:

    objects, fashions but also feelings, interpersonal relationships and ... art.

    How to get out alive? Michal suggests a way for us.


    He makes these Ancient Games a means of reinterpreting art and rediscovering that through expressiveness and Beauty, one can reflect on contemporary society

    without being sucked into it.

    An aesthetic exercise and, at the same time, meditation on our current condition.

    Perhaps we will find that spark of Infinity that we carry inside and which, too often, is covered by the sooty dust of a pressing routine, which leaves no time, not

    even to reflect.


    All we need to do is stop and ask ourselves some questions.

    Maybe just discovering something about us and our existence in one of the sculptures Jackowski created for us.

    And what about the result? An Old Game more ?contemporary? many other ?games? that populate the art nowadays, and that can make us think about ourselves

    and the world in which we are immersed without sacrificing to make us glow with beauty.

    Now the Challenge is launched, and we can not go back but play: confronting these works will be a bit like looking in the mirror. The essential thing will be to be

    ready to inner analyse ourselves ...

  • Arrived in Rome last night

    5 years ago @Wendy Klemperer

    500A long trip with bad weather coming in, but today in Rome it is beautiful with a vibrant blue sky. I am so happy to be here and have some time to explore before the Art Fair.  I plan to do some painting during my two weeks here. Looking forward very much to Artrooms Roma!