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  • Apophenia Effect: Part 3

    1 week ago @Tansu Talat

    After experimenting with the accidental shapes that occurred when I was painting other subjects, I decided to develop it into a style. Keeping in mind the surreal images that are produced from the Apophenia Effect, I decided to start drawing (by hand) a creature that would be potentially made from the original method. Think of it as producing the result before going along with the procedure. I kept in mind that it needed to be surreal as always, and that it would be a creature of some kind. So following those two rules alone I created something out of nothing. This was the result:

    It clearly gives off a different vibe, in fact, it has a completely different purpose when this effect is induced purposely without any chaotic structure. Because there is order in this creation it is very different to what has been previously produced. I found this interesting and it may be a sign that the human mind, although recognizing patterns and shapes in random sets of data, may not be able to create randomness out of nothing. So still despite the Apophenia Effect coming from chaos, even that has some type of order which is recognizable by the brain. 

    Drawing this creature with so much rules and limitations was difficult as the mind tends to roam free when you draw from imagination.

  • Apophenia Effect: Part 2

    1 week ago @Tansu Talat

    After sketching and drawing more observations from the Apophenia collection. I decided to start adapting it to pure creature development. Because of the shapes and forms that paint chippings can sometimes make, most observable creations give a very familiar appearance, that being, the appearance of a surreal creature or situation. Even mood can be caught in the mix. My last blog I drew an observation I called 'Melancholy Whale'.

    So here in this blog, as a development of what I've previously discovered, I have used the paint chippings to purposely fashion a creature. Of course manipulating the pieces is difficult due to their size (and I didn't want to cut them to shape at this stage) so I tried to piece them together strategically and this is the result.


    Adding the google eyes and little teeth was just for a bit of fun, to give it more character. But still the chaotic pieces within the body and its limbs still create the Apophenia effect. Almost immediately I saw something in the hind legs of this creature where the red and yellow paint is thick and non-blended. I called it the 'Tragic Girl' because of the mood it gave off. Something about a girl kneeling down, looking upset and surrounded by nothing. The pigtails I drew also look very wrong according to reality.

     500See if you can spot her in the creature :)

  • Gallery

    2 weeks ago @Angelina Crafts

    I´m happy to find my first Gallery in Munich.

    Thank you Mr. Chen

    "JIA-ZHAO CHEN"(München/Shanghai)
      Steinstr. 62

  • Atelier Pagliuca

    4 weeks ago @Alessandra Pagliuca

    Visit my official BLOG at the following link:


  • Digital Art, yes, no or what? Part 3/3

    2 months ago @Arnvid Aakre

    What does mean that the digital file is the only real original, especially for the buyer?

    Here I can only speak for myself and how I do it, and last but not least, my arguments for doing so (and yes, the buyers said yeah or something nice like that).

    It means that the buyer of the digital file #5/8 of a limited edition digital painting, is given this file (with signature, the serial #5/8 and certificate) - and this is the part that has a value when I sell a digital painting.

    When the buyer gets a print of this file, then s/he is creating an authorized transferred process from the invisible file to a form that is visible to the naked eye. Be it print on paper, metal print, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, or whatever idea the owner of the digital painting can come up with to make the digital painting visual.

    What can the buyer do with a Digital Painting?

    Hang it up where s/she wants, considering the size maybe. A secure place of course, and with humidity on an ok level. That's great; I know at least some of my old paintings in that size are living a good life with their owners - but what if ..?

    What if you as an owner of a digital painting could use that digital artwork as:

    * fine art or museum quality prints on top level paper for print - only you decide how many of your number x/x of a limited edition.

    * wallpaper of your artwork

    * ceramic tiles for indoors or outdoor mosaic of your digital artwork. Any size ... hint, hint.

    * mini items - how small can you get a digital painting?

    * in short, the ball is now in the buyer's court.

      USE ART, trust me - USING art is for me far more fun than the sometimes boring process of being the only responsible for having to create it (-:

  • Digital Art, yes, no or what? Part 2/3

    2 months ago @Arnvid Aakre

    If I say that the digital file, signed and numbered, is the real piece of art, why is that so?

    The digital file is in itself invisible.
    You can?t see a digital artwork without a somehow similar environment to when creating them.

    So as an invisible artwork its great, but it will feel a bit like the Emperor's New Artworks I guess, so a printed edition would be the first step for most. But if I have purchased an artwork that I am the only person who got with the limited number, why should I not use it as long as it within the few given limitations by creative commons. 

    Digital works sold in a limited edition have only one commandment: "Thou shalt not make unto thee business from copies, only the original digital image file." Meaning: don't make a business out of copies, the digital file is the ONLY original."

    What is then Digital Art?

    First, can we use the phrase 'Digital Art'? Wouldn't that be the same as calling oil paintings for Oil Art or acrylic paintings for Acrylic Art? 

    We can't name a tool as oil, acrylic or digital a phrase that indicates that it's an 'art form when it's a tool. 

    As long as the artist, her- or himself defines what s/he does is painting, that is absolutely for the artist to define. 

    You can define a painting as "oil painting", or "digital painting" - and the difference is that while an "oil painting" is based upon a canvas with colour pigments embedded in oil. Visible for anybody that's not blind.

    The digital painting biggest difference compared to an oil painting is that the digital painting doesn't exist visually as the file itself

    BUT when I as the artist divide the original file in let's say eight parts, then write with the same digital pen I used for the painting, the numbers 1/8 - 2/8 - 3/8 and so on up to the last, 8/8. Then sign each different numbered file, individually of course. This file is then made into one layer .tif-file and one 'lighter' .jpg-file, both in original pixel size.

  • Digital Art, yes, no or what? Part 1/3

    2 months ago @Arnvid Aakre

    Ever bought digital art
    Did you?

    «I bought digital art two months ago.»

    So what did you get?

    «Got a museum quality print on outstanding paper (90x70cm), signed and numbered. Got it framed and put it on the wall. It looked great, and did the garden room.»

    That sounds great, so you're happy now?

    «No, there was a small fire in the garden room, the fire department put out the fire pretty fast. One of the problems after this was that the new digital artwork is gone. It was damaged, so nothing to do. So I totally lost on that, and on top of it ? that exact piece is out of print on the limited edition.»

    Let?s try another ending here?

    ... happy now?

    «Apart from the fire in the garden room, and all the hassle after that. For my new artwork, the piece I had was a limited edition, numbered 5/8. Had already the original, as the artist sent me a download link of the painting, numbered and individually signed just a few days after I bought it.»

    When I sell a digital painting or drawing, the new owner of that numbered painting get a Certificate of Authenticity, the freedom given by the Creative Commons license, and of course the signed digital art file in both .tif and .jpg formats.

    The numbering and signing are done directly on the digital file, on the same drawing board where the paintings are made.

    «Yes, all I had to do was to send the file to a great printing house in the city I live. I picked it up yesterday, framed. Looking better than ever ...»

    That's a pretty good BACKUP solution I guess?

    "Can't be much better, as long as I backup my digital files."

    Look at it all from even another angle?

    If I say that the digital file, signed and numbered, is the real piece of art, why is that so?


    2 months ago @Paul-Felix Montez

    Pershing square a symbol of World war one general George Pershing who led U.S. forces during the great war, now faces the 21st century "smart tech" global Peace Walkway monument project with its vast ability to reach all through its universal themes of peacemaking courage, sacrifice and more across a huge diversity and multi-cultural range of the world's various populations. What does this mean for Los Angeles as a 21st-century city, innovation in diversity, peacemaking, innovative use of smart tech in landscape architecture, and what possibly could be one of the most innovative park or street, "wiser" city projects the peace walkway for all cities. See more:

  • Group-exhibition at Galerie FOE 156 in Munich

    3 months ago @Falk von Schönfels

    Hear Ye Hear Ye!
    Next group-exhibition at Galerie FOE 156 // Opening: 5th of April 2017 // 19:00 pm
    Bring friends, fun & fidelity // Oberföhringer Straße 156, 81925 München
    See you hopefully there!


  • Exhibition of the month - Art Exhibition& Sculpture Trail at Prior’s Field School – Tinx Newton Surrey Life

    4 months ago @Edwin,Barrington Lue-Shing

    I shall be one of many artist and sculptures  exhibiting at the  APPART?S annual Art Exhibition& Sculpture Trail at Prior?s Field School , everyone is welcome. I was personally invited by the curators Evelyn Phillips & Gwyn Phillips  to exhibit , here is a foreword  from a AAP ART themselves: 


    APPART?S annual Art Exhibition& Sculpture Trail at Prior?s Field School showcases new, emerging artists, along with many old favorites exhibiting their work. Foremost among these artists is Philip Jackson, a renowned Scottish sculptor with an outstanding international reputation.

    The AppArt Exhibition & Sculpture trail is open every day from Saturday 1st April to Sunday April 16th. Admission is free.

    Prior?s Field School, Priorsfield Rd, Godalming GU2 2RH

    Please view the site for more info. and hope to see you there - Edwin