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  • NONECONTEMPORARY 22.02.- 24.02.2019

    3 days ago @Falk von Schönfels

  • Waiting for Artrooms Fair London

    1 month ago @Francesca Pompei

    VID 20190106 221058

    Working on my participation at Artrooms Fair London 2019, January 11-13

  • My visual approach

    2 months ago @Francesca Pompei

    I am interested in a  photography that looks for the visible in order to show the invisible beyond the reality as it appears. A threshold of visual and spatial perception.

  • What does 'Emotional Painting' concept mean for me?

    2 months ago @Dmitry Artyukhin

    The concept that I am applying in my works is about 2 main ideas:

    Every painting is pure emotion reflected in combination of different colors. Emotional in this case does not reflect the process how you create art work but rather transparency of transforming internal emotions into colors on canvas. I try to remove any roadblocks and obstacles between internal feelings and external interpretation of them.

    Another central idea is about an attempt to trigger positive thinking and emotions on viewers side. Why it is so critical. First of all in a world of change and so dynamic environment we are so much stressed by having negative emotions so the idea of sharing positive feelings and bringing something positive is so much critical. Also supporting each other thru giving positive impulse, motivating viewers and giving them a chance to think is so much important. Finally, when you put art work at home you bring someone thinking, idea and emotions in your personal world. This is so much personal and sensitive so you need to be very careful. Literally it means an artist shares part of their heart and soul with you. And ideally that should be done in so much gentle way to avoid clash with your internal nature and your reflection of external world.

    I am trying to take a snapshot of specific moments in my life when I feel something very positive about people, nature or different aspects of life. It is always unique simply because there are no exactly the same situations or moments. It will be different every time with some new colors or emotions or simply some ingredients that combine and create art. That should be performed at maximum synergy between internal feelings and external environment that includes sounds, colors, emotional context and finally becomes the part of your life!

  • Italian Baroque

    2 months ago @Francesca Pompei


    My  photographic style  is  influenced  by  my obsession  for  time and my vital passion for arts.

    I like to have a  slow and close approach with the subject,  trying to discover  in the shape of a  sculpture or a building  the same delicacy and softness of the human body. 

    Nowadays,  waiting for  the right  ray of light  can be  a challenge  with the  fast  daily routine  of  a big  city and  Roma isn?t an exception.

    Nevertheless,  its amazing  heritage is a  powerful  combination of past  and  unique art history  inviting  to an aesthetic experience.

    I   feel  that  the only way to understand old  and ancient  art is to make it  participate in our own life and this is exactly what I have tried to realize in my project,  Borromini  and  the  discovery  of  light.

    Focused on the works of the great architect Francesco Borromini (1599-1667), my photos  show a web of cross-references  and related  impressions that,  surprisingly,  can be interpreted by  each  spectator  in a different way.

    In such a visual intermingling,  past, present and future become faded notions that reveal an unlimited potential of shapes and compositions.

    Their value goes beyond  space and time,  just like the atmosphere of Roma,  la città eterna.


  • 3D HOTEL

    2 months ago @Ioana Niculescu-Aron

  • Zoom in

    3 months ago @INKYUNG SEO

    My Note for Dragonfly


    A desire to win eternal fame as an artist.

    I think that desire is perhaps the desire of all artists

    A symbol of desire to soar, to achieve, to win eternal fame; wings

    What kind of wings are mine?

    This question lead me to observe dragonflies' wings.

    My [observing dragonflies' wings] started by thinking of myself as a small creature in this universe, like a dust.

    I will replace explanation of the artwork with my poem for the dragonfly.        

    Zoom in      - poem by Seo inkyung-

     Your flutter sends signs to me

    I watch you closely by your signs.

     You have kept your immemorial past

    despite your wings that will crush by the slightest touch

    Your obstinacy persists in you!

     Do you remember,

    The time that your flutter covered the sky,

    The time that your flutter shook the world

     Do you know

    of The hidden beauty inside yourself

    of The stubborn obstinacy inside you



    open your wings and fly again

    just like then


    Dragonfly is a mere small and ordinary figure in our daily lives.

    Observing an object is an action of affection and attention to the object.

    With the affection and attention, anything in the world seems lovely.

    I want to talk about the loveliness and the tenacity of the dragonfly's wings that are hidden in our daily lives. Such features of the dragonfly are also present inside ourselves.

    I want you to find your beauty inside yourself, along with the beauty of the dragonfly, with my art work.



  • LOVE

    3 months ago @Jin Lee Park

  • WA Horseman's Park Unbridled Gala Auction 2018

    3 months ago @Stacey Mayer

    This year's Washington Horseman's Park Annual Gala Event auction fundraiser, will include my original contemporary acrylic painting, "Unbridled Horses", as a 100% donation to the event. A new, state of the art facility, the equestrian park is close to realizing the dream of building a spectacular indoor arena as the show piece for the 112 acre facility. 

    When I was a young woman
    , my best friend and I would look forward to attending horse shows at Bridle Trails State Park, near Kirkland, WA. A lovely outdoor facility, you were smart to arrive early, if you were to watch the hunter jumper classes in decent bleacher seats - meaning the few seats available in the shade of the pine trees on the West side. As time went on, Bridle Trails became surrounded by upscale homes back to back, and fewer horse properties. 

    Snohomish County also tried to fund and maintain a horse show facility in Monroe, WA, at the large and popular fairgrounds there. Unfortunately, their new horse show arena was quickly appropriated for indoor motorcycle events. With the car racing track, right behind the arena, it wasn't always a happy situation. The use of the arena by equestrians, and the nextboor car racing events, still share the popular venue, that has admirably shuffled dates for use around the needs of all concerned. 

    Washington State equestrians smartly obtained a suitable parcel of land for a grand horse park; suitable for International events, permanently dedicated to all equestrian sports centrally located in Cle Elum, WA. Placed safely past the seasonal rain curtain of Western Washington, the Horseman's Park boasts open access to miles of trails via adjacent National Forest lands.

    We'll be looking for you in future years at the expansive equestrian facility being realized near Cle Elum, among the big pines. My contemporary equine art donation is in remembrance of the summer horse shows I attended with my best friend, so many years ago. 

  • Eternal pottery10

    3 months ago @Lee Jungeun