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    1 day ago @Paul-Felix Montez


    Global Appropriation of Public Spaces Arts Project is for ?Found public artworks? for the redefinition and expansion of the value and opportunities within public spaces that we define as public art for all. Through the appropriation of publicly built, man-made only, facades, artifices, and constructs which express cultural values, but by themselves do not readily have any, or do not aspire to public art status, yet exist with a vast conceptual or visual potential to be considered as art. Seeing anew the conceptual possibilities of the spaces around you is the vision of this project.Gapsap enables artists and creatives worldwide to participate in the creation of a whole new realm of public artworks outside the political, civic and monetary systems which define public art today. Thus a new dialogue on the appropriation of public constructs or found public art addressing conceptually the methods by which something exists as public art everywhere is started.Find out how you can be part of this global free open art call:


    1 day ago @Paul-Felix Montez

    TAKE THE PLEDGE - America 21st FLAG designs inspired by Anti-slavery, Anti-human trafficking monument project by PAUL-FELIX MONTEZ:


    2 weeks ago @Paul-Felix Montez

    Speakers LA 2017 Speaker's team for Technarte Los Angeles 2017

    500We?re proud to introduce you our speaker's team for Technarte 2017 Los Angeles edition. The most important artists, researchers, and creative engineers at this moment in the world. Here you can see the first confirmed speakers for the Technarte Los Angeles 2017 edition.

  • Selected for Exhibition at FiLiA Conference, London

    1 month ago @Sarah Bird

    It'll soon be time for the annual FiLiA (formerly Feminists in London) Conference, to be held at the UCL Institute for Education in October. One of my collage series has been selected for exhibition with the Desperate Artwives Group, promoting art and women's rights. Tickets on sale soon, watch this space.....


    For more information, visit the FiLiA Conference page at

  • Such an Exhibitionist

    1 month ago @Sarah Bird

    I am entering the annual Artrooms Open 2018 this year, which supports emerging artists with prizes such as representation, promotion and exposure. 

    ('emerging' artist.... makes me think of a creature emerging from larvae...)

    YOU can take part by voting for your favourite.... just click the link  below - no need to add personal details, just press the button next to your favourite. 

    There is some great art from lots of artists on this site and beyond, click here to view and vote!

    Enjoy and thank you (only if you voted for me, though ;)

  • Currently exhibiting at Artsdepot Open 2017

    1 month ago @Sarah Bird

    The annual Artsdepot Open showcases work from UK artists. Not only was I was shortlisted, but my piece made the front of the catalogue!

    Venue: Apthorp Gallery, 5 Nether Street Tally Ho Corner North Finchley London N12 0GA.

    Entry is free and the show runs until 1st September 2017.

    It's a great venue that does fantastic work with the community, so worth a visit! Many artworks are for sale at an affordable price. 


    1 month ago @ANIRBAN SHETH



    ?Over the years, leather has found many functional uses, as well as decorative use in traditional crafts. Painting, stamping, and stenciling have been popular techniques used to embellish leather. Leather puppetry is an ancient folk art in our country, having its origins in Andhra Pradesh.


    The traditional puppets and the more contemporary products such as lampshades, toys and other items are vibrantly colourful with intricate detailing. Hide from cattle such as camel, goat and sheep is treated and painted upon in a highly labour-intensive process.


    Kolkata based artist Anirban Seth paints on leather to create series on landscapes, still life and so on. Having studied fine arts, Anirban began exploring various avenues as an outlet for his creativity. Experimenting with leather for several years, he found creative satisfaction in this difficult and challenging medium.

    He treats leather as a canvas and paints on it using various techniques - the results are aesthetic and visually pleasing. He says, ?what fascinates me about this process is the accidental effects that are introduced using this technique. Also, there is ample opportunity to experiment with textures. He likes to use a lot of folk motifs in his paintings.


    By using resist technique like Batik, stenciling, embossing and creating relief effects, he

    creates interesting textures and effects. Sometimes, he uses gold and silver foil to

    enhance the paintings. Through constant experimentation, Anirban hopes to work with

    artificial leather as well.?


    Nalini S Malaviya



    28Th October, 2005,  BANGALORE.





    ?An exhibition mounted by the gallery names-An.Art currently showcases works of Anirban Seth, who in the span of a few years has carved out a niche for himself by fusing technology with aesthetics. With an admirable grasp of the power of rhythm and decorative patterns, the young artist has projected leather painting as a special field of visual art, forging a link with the artists of the post-cave dwellers? era when paper was yet to be invented.


     Painting on well-tanned Seth has been able to draw the at Sheep or camel leather, tension of art enthusiasts across the country by dint of the originality which allows him to ex-press emotional nuances through the texture obtained, The preparation of leather as pictorial surface, he tells us, is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also permits the artist to work only in the humidity-free winter months. The flowers-and-vase series in the current offerings shows the plastic quality of Seth?s art.?



    ?The Telegraph?

    27th May, 2005, Calcutta.


  • Hide and seek – Paintings on Leather By ANIRBAN SHETH

    1 month ago @ANIRBAN SHETH


     ?From the word go Anirban Seth, an MVA from Kolkata?s Govt. College of Art, was attracted to leather as a vehicle of his creativity. Leather, including parchment and suede, has long served as the canvas for artists in many civilisations spread across the five continents. Albrecht Durer is known to have executed some memorable images on vellum. African and Australian Aboriginal artists continue to use it as a mode of their creative expression. Indonesia, and Malayasia, used it to create aesthetic figuration. In the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, it continues to spur the highly imaginative leather puppets used in the shadow theatre of Bommalata.


    Closer home, Anirban has grown up watching the batik images crafted on leather by artisans at Sriniketan, an extension of Santiniketan. Fascinated by the special effect that one cannot extract on paper or canvas, Anirban has harnessed the medium to his advantage. He uses it for the background, the texture, the mood - all with telling impact. He heightens every accidental effect through the use of leather paint on creased or crumpled sheep leather. He is building on the natural sturdiness of camel hide, and striving to enlarge its scope by using substitutes. Simultaneously his ingenuity is working on newer ways of tanning so that he can overcome the natural handicaps of the medium that develops fungus in monsoon.


    For his content, Anirban initially drew upon nature as reflected in his mind?s eye. Those landscapes in bright daubs of colours were abstracts of the reality he saw around him. Essentially the 29-year- old responds to his environment. So, when nature plays havoc in the form of a ?tsunami?, that too enters his picturespace. Increasingly he is moving towards subjects with greater relevance to his own times, as he is towards creating a pictorial language that is recognisably his own.

    I am certain, he will open new horizons in his quest for a place under the sun.?


    Ratnottama Sengupta


    KOLKATA ] November 6, 2005.

    Hide and seek ? Paintings on Leather


    ?A conscientious artist who wishes to highlight and address issues relevant to our times through his art, Anirban Seth also comes across as a man of exceptional creative talent. Continuous experimentation with the medium of art has led him to master the art of painting on leather, a surface de mending a high degree of expertise end technical perfection for colours to be applied and remain clearly visible.. Done by tanning raw hide and then painting on it, Seth uses the tips of his fingers as a brush, smearing colour on leather to create images from life aid nature, spirituality and rationality. Often embellishing his art with gold and silver foil, he generates startling visual effects, portraying natural beauty and emotional experiences with equal ease. Seth?s innovations on texture also include batik work and stencilling for embossing and relief effects, creating a unique pictorial language. The exhibition of his works is a splendid tribute to this painstaking yet immensely pleasing mode of expression in which he excels.?


    ?The Telegraph?, Metro: Time Out: 27th May, 2005, Calcutta. 

  • Vernissage this Friday, the 4th of August 2017 in Munich

    1 month ago @Falk von Schönfels