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Project Art The social Art Market

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About us

Listen to our CEO Johannes Fröhlich talk about Project Art – The Social Arts Market and how it differs from competitors in the crowded art e-commerce industry. Interview by ArtTactic’s Adam Green.


Project Art is a London based start-up with a global outlook.

Project Art’s vision is to democratise the arts by building a new art market model, a level playing field for artists, art lovers and newcomers alike.

So much more than an online gallery, The Social Arts Market™ is a crowd-curated marketplace that connects, inspires and empowers a global community of art lovers, newcomers and collectors to discover art in a more personal way.

By providing innovative functionality and features, Project Art - The Social Arts Market™ engages and enables a wider, more diverse community to easily take part in creating, shaping and following trends that emerge through the interactions on the platform.

Our platform helps artists to break through the barriers of the arts market and share their artwork with a wide and engaged audience.

The artwork’s value is determined in real time through the on-going activities, interactions and purchases, creating a truly democratic art-market based on evolving trends.

Project Art – The Social Arts Market™ is free to use, no membership fees, no joining fees.

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People always ask us how we came up with the idea... we are art enthusiasts ourselves and when we wanted to get more involved with the art market we couldn’t find what we wanted, not that we always knew what that was!

We often found art fairs unaffordable, traditional galleries intimidating, websites overwhelming and all with artwork already chosen by the curators. However, there are a lot of talented artists out there who we don’t get to see. Speaking to artists, we learnt they also weren’t all satisfied with the existing options and found it hard to break into a heavily curated, exclusive art market.

This is what we set out to change.

We wanted a less exclusive, less intimidating experience, which helped us find out what artwork was right for us. However, we also wanted to make our own choices from a wide range of artwork by talented artists from all over the world.

With a lot of determination, passion, hard work and crowdfunding we built a platform where you can choose from a wide range of artists from all walks of life and artwork from all over the world.

Whether you are a more experienced collector or just starting to buy art, using our innovative online tools, like searching art by mood, colour or places to put it, previewing art on your own wall or tracking your favourite artwork’s popularity, we make it easy to find and buy the right work of art for you. Find what works best with your sofa or the new wall colour, discover artists early in their career, support them, watch them grow or invest in an artist who is already on the up.

Project Art - The Social Arts Market™ is a virtual space, where everyone can curate their own collections, share favourites with others, shape trends and engage with a wider, more diverse community.

Following a soft launch in January 2016, the site was officially launched in May 2016 with a call for entries for the Project Art “ARTROOMS 2017” competition.

Also in May 2016, Project Art proudly sponsored an Award for the Central Saint Martin graduates degree show for innovation in art.



We bring global art to the local digital doorstep. We inspire cross-cultural exchange, deepen the cultural dialogue and ultimately expand the exclusive arena of artists and art lovers.

We are working on building partnerships with charities and initiatives that work with artists from different backgrounds, so not only can you buy artwork that you like but you can also make a difference.


Project Art – The Social Arts Market™ is a crowd-curated eco-system that helps artists and art lovers to connect and follow their passions.

We leave it to our community to drive popularity and trends, providing equal opportunities for all artists.


The artworks’ value is determined in real time through the on-going activities, interactions and purchases - active interest in a particular artwork or artist drives popularity and trends, which in turn impact price development, reflecting democratic market dynamics.

Project Art – The Social Arts Market™ provides a new generation of collectors and investors with the opportunity to discover and invest in talent they believe is up-and-coming and will appreciate in value.


Johannes Froehlich
Johannes Fröhlich
Co-founder, CEO

Johannes is a passionate entrepreneur and art enthusiast with a particular interest in early 20th century and contemporary art. He enjoys immersing himself in conversations with artists about themselves and their work.

  • Organisational Psychologist with extensive consulting experience as well as working in the charity sector
  • MSc Organisational and Social Psychology at the London School of Economics
Johannes Froehlich
Clemens Hackl
Co-founder, CTO

Clemens has worked in the creative industries across Europe for over 20 years. He is a designer by trade with a passion for art and technology. He is a fan of contemporary abstract and kinetic art.

  • Steering committee of the African and African-Caribbean Design Diaspora (AACDD)
  • MA in Interactive Multi-Media at the University of the Arts London
  • Communication Design Degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf (Dipl.- Des.)