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Project Art The social Art Market

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Getting started guide for Artists

We are excited to welcome you on our platform. We have built this for you, so we want to make sure it works for you.
Should you have any suggestions, questions or need help with anything, please email us at

Joining Project Art – The Social Arts Market™ comes with many benefits:

  • Joining and uploading your artwork is free.
  • You are free to just exhibit and test the market.
  • If you do decide to sell your artwork, we are only charging a commission of 25%.
  • We provide you with detailed insights about your popularity as an artist and the performance of your artwork.
  • You can promote yourself and your work on the site and across connected social media channels.
  • You can benefit from the dynamic development of your artwork’s value driven by the interactions on our platform.
  1. Registration
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Upload your artwork
  4. Manage your artwork
  5. Share your profile and artwork
  6. Monitor your progress and popularity
  7. Blog

1. Registration

Simply complete and submit the joining form for artists to create your account. It could not be simpler. (Initially you only need to complete the fields marked with *. You can populate everything else later.)

Following your submission you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Please click this link to complete your registration.

2. Complete your profile

Click “edit profile” to manage your details and add additional information, including:

Profile image

It is always good to put a face to the name. Show your audience that you are real and upload a good portrait.

About you

Any potential buyer is keen to learn more about you as an artist. The more details you can add, the better.

As guideline, “Something about yourself” should be brief and include, for example:

  • What drives and inspires you as an artist
  • What your art is about

As guideline, your biography should tell your story and include, for example:

  • How and why did you become an artist
  • Key activities and milestones in your career
Payment Options

We use Paypal not only to facilitate your sales but also to authenticate you as a real person. If you don’t have a Paypal account yet you can easily set one up on You will need to enter your Paypal details in order to sell your work.

3. Upload your artwork

Before you upload a new work of art you should prepare the following:

  • At least one good high-resolution photograph of your artwork. It should be well photographed to have the best possible impact on the site. Make sure your artwork is evenly lit and photographed head-on – avoid any angles.
  • Weight (in Kg) and dimensions (in cm) of your artwork.
  • Starting price of your artwork. You set the starting price of your artwork. It is worth keeping in mind that:
    • 25% commission will be deducted from the price at the time of sale – you might want to consider factoring this into the starting price.
    • The value is set to increase based on the community’s interaction with you and your work over time.
    • You do NOT need to include shipping and insurance costs, these will be added on as separate costs (see below).
    • You can NOT change the price again once the artwork has been uploaded.
  • Shipping costs including insurance as well as import and/or export duties related to your artwork, considering national, international and overseas destinations. These are important as we are adding these to going price of your artwork upon purchase. You can enquire about these costs with any shipping company or post office.

When you have all details ready, go to “upload new artwork” to add your artwork to your body of work on the platform.

Things to look out for are:

What is it
Specify the type of artwork and related discipline – if you do not find yours, please select “other”.
Select a photograph
Here you can upload your main image of the artwork. You can add more later on when managing your work.
Describe your artwork
People buy what you do but also why you do it. As a guideline you should also include your motivation and inspiration behind the artwork in the description.
If you are uploading a picture and your artwork is not yet framed you can add your recommendation as to how it could be framed.
Add relevant tags
You can select as many tags as you think are applicable to your artwork.
Price and shipping costs
Please enter the starting price of your artwork and the shipping costs for the relevant destinations. Please note that the price is set upon submission and can NOT be changed.
Selling option
You can choose to sell your work immediately or just “exhibit” it on the platform.
Confirmation and Upload
Please confirm that you have made the artwork and that you are allowed to sell it. It seems obvious, but we need your confirmation on this, before you can upload it.

4. Manage your artwork

Once uploaded you can manage the details of your artwork by going to “manage artworks”. You can edit your works to change details or add more images, for example. When you delete a work of art it will disappear from your profile.

5. Share your profile and artwork

Once you have created your profile and uploaded your artwork it’s time to tell your friends and community about it and start building up your trends.

On your profile and on every artwork page are options to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn – so go ahead and start spreading the word.

6. Monitor your progress and popularity

Go to “Dashboard” to see the latest statistics and trends about you and your artwork, generated by the community.

You can see key figures at a glance and also drill into further details over any given timeframe – use the dropdown on the left and the slider on the right to adjust the results.

Profile visits
This shows you how much traffic you had on your profile page and when.
Artwork visits
You can review how many visits each of your artworks has received and when. Tip: If you share links to your artwork pages on social media you can use this view to see how many people followed through.
Find out when people followed you on platform.

7. Blog

Your blog allows you to share your stories and experiences with the community and potential buyers. For example, you can blog updates, pictures or videos to talk about:

  • Where and how you work
  • Your progress on a new artwork
  • A recent exhibition or award

Go to “Blog” and click “new post” to start sharing your stories.