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Project Art The social Art Market

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Why Project Art


Project Art’s “Browse in Your Room” feature is a completely new and personalised way for everyone to experience works of art from all over the world on their own walls.

In a few simple steps you can upload photographs of the walls you are looking to hang artwork on, choose artwork based on style, mood, colour or size and experience your selection as if they were already hanging there.

This feature allows you to browse however many works of art you like in one seamless, personal experience.

For artists: You can also take advantage of this feature as it allows you to showcase your work directly within people’s own surroundings.

Trends & Dynamic Value

Project Art - The Social Arts Market™ is a dynamic market place where the value of artwork changes based on interactions with art and artists, such as sharing, liking or buying, on

Our unique algorithm determines trends, popularity and demand in real time from anonymised interactions and behaviours within the community. Based on these interactions and behaviours artwork prices will develop over time, reflecting the artists’ popularity. Keep an eye on your favourite works of art and discover trends in your personal Project Art dashboard.

If you want to buy art, you can make informed purchase decisions based on trends and development of artists and artwork. Even after a purchase, you can continue to monitor on Project Art the value development of the artwork you bought.

For artists: This feature allows you to gain popularity and grow your creative value. The more people interact with your work, the more popularity you’ll gain and the value of your artwork will develop. Start spreading the word.

Search & Virtual Collections

The Social Arts Market™ search tools make it easy for you to find what you love, even if you are not quite sure what that is yet.

Use the search tools to find works of art by topic, mood, colour, places to put them, and more. Get inspired by what other users or artists recommend or browse new, rising or popular artwork.

With Project Art everyone can create their own virtual collections of artwork and start showcasing their work or taste with others online. “Curate” artwork you love or want to keep an eye on.

For artists: Use the virtual collections to group your work for example by “themes”, “series” or “styles” for art lovers to explore.

Sales & Royalties

Project Art’s online shop has been developed to provide a secure and easy way to sell, buy and resell works of art.

Whether you are looking to buy a one-off painting or a limited edition print, the Project Art platform automatically calculates costs for shipping and import and, in case of multiple people selling different editions of the same artwork, suggests the best value for money options for your location.

Working with a global shipping partner, Project Art facilitates safe and fast delivery around the world.

For artists: Benefit from low commission and hassle-free logistics with every sale. Project Art is also committed to you beyond the initial sale of an artwork, guaranteeing 10% royalties on every resale of your work on

Benefits for artists:

  • Free joining and uploading of artwork.
  • No pressure to sell - you are free to exhibit only and test the market.
  • On every sale Project Art charges a commission of only 25%.
  • Lifelong royalties of 10% on every resale of artwork previously sold then resold on
  • No shipping costs for delivering your artwork to the buyer.
  • Hassle free logistics using our shipping partner.
  • Benefit from the dynamic development of an artwork’s value driven by the interactions on the platform.
  • Gain popularity whenever your profile or works of art are liked, virtually collected or shared with others.
  • Receive detailed insights about your traction as well as the performance of your works of art on
  • Benefit from being featured on Project Art’s social media channels to increase your exposure.
  • Collaborations and partnerships with a variety of organisations create opportunities for you to exhibit to a live audience.

Benefits for art lovers and newcomers:

  • Easy access to art and artists from all walks of life from all over the world.
  • Buy original artwork, securely and conveniently.
  • Tools and insights to help art newcomers and art lovers find and explore what they like.
  • Creative search engine to find works of art by topic, mood, colour, places to put them, and more.
  • Using the Browse-in-Your-Room feature, upload pictures of your walls and see how artworks look in your room.
  • Like, virtually collect or share artwork you love with others, thereby shaping trends and uncovering new artists.
  • Follow artists you like and be the first to know when they upload a new work of art.
  • Get inspired by what artists recommend and what is popular according to other users.
  • Track the performance of artworks you love or own and decide when it’s best to buy or sell.
  • Keep artwork you bought on to monitor and benefit from further value development, as well as having the possibility to resell it on the platform.