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Acrylic, Canvas, unframed, 2015

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    Tansu Talat
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    This painting plays on the rather intimate style of Georgia O'keeffe's flowers, in the aspect of portraying the flower in a feminine way. This poppy grew in my back garden and I decided to capture it's beauty. The leaves have been painted to emphasize how they fan out and fold over the centre, revealling the delicate seeds and it's reproductive systems tucked under the petals. The leaves are dull in comparison to the painted flesh of the flower drawing more attention and focus to the poppy itself.

    The background is not a realistic portrayal of the poppy and it's environment, yet I felt the bright, filling blue contrasted well with the warm shades of red and peach. I added som typically drawn clouds to add a 'breath of fresh air' as it were and to create a cooler more breezy effect to the poppy. As if to see its petals blowing gently in the wind.
    My main motivations behind this painting was t portray the poppy in a romantic, beautiful and refreshing way.