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Moon's Tear

Acrylic, Canvas, unframed, 2017

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    Tansu Talat
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    This painting is a fantasy landscape exploring the nature of storytelling through a limited 'window', the 'window' being the canvas. The viewer can postulate any possible way of what the object is or where it came from. I painted the scene through an angle, making it seem like the viewer is at the scene, riding on a tilting wave observing what is happening.
    A mysterious object impacts the sea and creates a rippling effect, causing the waves to tumble and spill to the unknown beyond the canvas. What happens outside the canvas when the waves spread is also undefined in this painting, keeping the story as mysterious as possible.

    I decided to paint the waves very simply and bold to show it's movement and motions. The froth of the waves was painted with white circles which blended into the wave and the water behind it showing the chaotic nature of the sea.


    30(W) x 40.5(H) x 1.5(D) cm
    5 kg



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