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Deciduous Tree

Acrylic, Canvas, unframed, 2016

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    Tansu Talat
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    'The Deciduous Tree' was a part of a dream I once had where I was speaking to this tree on fire. The trees branches make it into a shape of a 'Y'. The tree had a giant eyeball in the centre to watch me (as the human in the dream), observing my actions. I am conscious of the horrible acts of deforestation, especially of the most important source of oxygen to the planet and our lives.

    I decided to make a link between what happens in reality and the image of the tree, aiming to keep both reality and dream-like aspects of the painting alive. This I feel I achieved by keeping the dream imagery and making links to real issues going on in the world. The first link is the leaves on fire and its relation to its bloomage in autumn in reality, where fire and autumn leaves share the same colours. The second link is the tree's shape 'Y' as in 'why'. The third link is the giant eyeball looking at the viewer (the human) in its questioning position, asking the human 'why?' while burning helplessly.

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