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Acrylic, Metal, Oil, unframed, 2018

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    Carolina Mejia
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    The series "Emakumea" (2018) claims the power, strength, and independence of women, willing to show the value, energy, and capabilities of 49.6% of the world's population. The series is born from the need to empower and support women in the struggle for gender equality. The word Emakumea means "the woman" in Euskera, this being a language that has no gender, and which gives an example of equality in one of the most basic tools of the human being, language.

    The portraits look at the viewer inviting him to connect with them and feel the claim in the fight against the glass ceiling and the wage gap, as well as in the construction of equality in education, the labor market, household chores, and cultural matters. The equality of genders is a mission to be accomplished by the whole society, eliminating micro-machismo that every person uses in their daily life.

    The work is titled "Courage" or "Ausardia", defending the spirit and impetus with which you have to start this fight of equality, which will be neither the first nor the last of humanity.

    Oil and acrylic on copper // 50x50cm // 2018