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African Violet

Acrylic, Resin, unframed, 2015

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    Edwin.Barrington Lue-Shing
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    Original value: 3,072.38
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    This is my latest and the one I’m most proudest as this one had the most amount of detail I have done to date. This is entitled “African Violet” , this shoes an African lady in all her regalia , I feel this world would be a duller place to be with Africans as part of there culture wear the brightest colours and are one of the most optimistic people under some of the most oppressions natural or man made ,the world seems better and happy for them. Well that’s what I believe; I have photographed it minus the resin which will enhance all the bright colours making this double the viewing experience as it only enhances the colours. If I took a picture with the resin on it would leave reflections as it acts like glass. Here are a few facts about Africans: The population of Africa is incredibly diverse, made up of innumerable tribes and people of many social and ethnic groups. Some of these groups are made up of just a few thousand people while others consist of millions of people. Each group usually has its own language and culture. Many African countries have numerous tribes within their borders. For example there are more than thirty tribes within Uganda. Thanking for viewing my art

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