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Acrylic, Paint, Paper, unframed, 2017

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    Tansu Talat
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    This work is a part of a series I'm starting where the painting, paints itself.
    The idea of creating these types of paintings came from my understanding of the Apophenia effect on the human mind. The Apophenia effect is where the human mind seeks out images within a random set of data. Such things vary between person but mainly include; faces, bodies etc. This effect can also lead to an amalgamation of images with the aid of creativity.
    My paintings achieve this well as there are many dimensions involved, for example, you can look at the image as a whole, or focus on smaller segments of the painting, where there may be many scenes or new things you notice.
    How it’s made!
    These paintings are composed at random from paint chippings and the leftover paint in my tubs. I simply place each part where I feel it should go next. The results of doing this however is questionable, because sometimes without realizing it, I create a very interesting painting, which has one clear message from the first glance.
    However, the main focus here, and the main effect of this type of work, is that the many shapes and forms the paint forms unknowingly creates several images of their own. For example, in this painting I see a giant monster hovering above a smaller one. I also see many head like structures, e.g, the white skull (next to the red filled circle), also a monochrome malformed creature with a feathered headpiece (also next to the red filled circle).