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Arabian Mare, Mana

3d Sculpting, Acrylic, Other, 1995

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    Stacey Mayer
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    Original value: 1,500
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  • Description

    The pure white broodmare came quietly out of her stall, and let me run my hands over her head. Dark, prominent eyes dominated her kind face. Her soft, and rounded white body belied her strength, earned from generations of predecessors selected through hardship, war, and necessity. With her head at my elbow, I walked with her to the paddock, and waited for the gait to swing open wide. As she came around the gate, her head and tail came up; and her whole body changed; now she was a most accomplished dancer, with the neck of a swan, and the grace of a ballerina. She charged from one side of the paddock to the other, calling to her herd mates loudly. This wasn't the broodmare I'd admired earlier; she was now revealed as a legendary war mare of the desert, prized by equestrians through the ages. This was the beautiful pure Polish Arabian mare, "Mana".

    Sculpture of the pure Polish Arabian mare, "Mana", commissioned by a private collector in Bothell, WA. Created from "Milestone™", the acrylic - cement admixture developed by Don Miles, Seattle, WA. This one of a kind, durable sculpture was created over several days time. Each layer was built up over a wire armature, setting into a rock-hard material, over the course of several hours. The sculpture is mounted on a hand made, solid wood base, created by the artist's husband, Philip.