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Bronze, Ceramic, Metal, Other, 2017

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    Han Na-Young
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    Original value: 1,200
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  • Description

    The organic and coherent form keeps us reminding of or imagining something else, as if poetic words ripple in our mind. The interesting thing, in her works, is relation between two parts is interdependent like well-woven textile, which means a ‘union’ and ‘correspondence’ are the key in her works. Those two ideas support and supplement weaknesses of each other. The form itself is coherent not just outside but inside as well. It's like Strings, in orchestra, make a perfect harmony even if each string keep distance from the others.

    As I said above, she prefers organic and coherent form on the whole, so she uses soft curve, globe and volume than sharply edged ones. Outline that resemble nature tugs your eyes. We don't know where it's exactly come from, but the soft line serves to make the work more quiet and peaceful.

    Features of each side is different both in heigh and size. If the artist didn't put interdependent pattern in, they would be awkward. But the very imbalance, in her composition, looks so natural. They're willing to approach first and confirm that they're special with each other. In other words, different parts meet each other and create synergy effect from that encounter. They produce connection, sentiment and song, which serve as a factor and make us ‘dream.’


    45.7(W) x 53.3(H) x 7(D) cm
    1.5 kg



    Edition of