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Revealuxion: Performance

3d Sculpting, 2015

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    Kieun Kim
    Lutherville Timonium
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    Original value: 15,000
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  • Description

    Revealuxion 2015 was an experimental garment for performance. The title came from a combination of two words: Reveal and Lux. I combined them as I wanted to reveal myself through the intensity of illumination. I set up a Mindflex (a toy using brain waves), six LED Strips on architectural acrylic materials as a mental representation and acted finger movements as a physical representation. I used the attention value of brainwaves and when I focused on myself, LEDs lit on fully and if not, the function lit off. The 3mm acrylics were very fragile like my concept and they reminded me of sharp icicles, but pure, clear in the light.

    A butterfly naturally struggles for its independence and a marionette is controlled by human fingers. However, in the performance, I voluntarily positioned myself in a chrysalis and used my fingers to control my own movements.