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Revealuxion 2016: Multimedia Installation

3d Sculpting, Acrylic, Wood, 2016

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    Kieun Kim
    Lutherville Timonium
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    Original value: 15,000
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  • Description

    Revealuxion is a version of new media art composed of the shapes and mechanisms inspired by cocoons and marionettes. The video symbolizes a dynamic hole presenting a struggled butterfly in the chrysalis. She integrates all her experimental documentary videos into the kaleidoscope effects. She views herself as a young butterfly, through the reflection of chrysalis as a representation of her alter ego, she expresses suffering and patience that is embedded in her artwork.

    The title came from a combination of Reveal and Lux. She combined them to reveal herself through the intensity of illumination and body movements. Initially, Revealuxion was an experimental garment for performance, which used LED lights connected to brainwaves as a mental representation and finger movements as a physical representation. She designed organic shapes by fragile satin ice acrylic materials like her concept concentrating on the self-portrait, self-esteem, aesthetic emotions, and human connection. A butterfly naturally struggles for its independence and a marionette is controlled by human fingers. However, in the performance, she voluntarily positioned herself in a chrysalis and used her fingers to control her own movements coming out of the small hole.

    To extend journey of imagination, she installed exhibitions of a video projector with white threads and wooden mannequin hands. Audiences would feel empathy, sympathy, and healing moment through Kieun’s solitary journey.