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Found Objects, Household, Interactive, Other, 2016

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    Emese Wu
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    Original value: 4,350
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  • Description

    Believing that every human being dies twice – in the last breath of air exhaled by the body and in the last human being whose memory holds your existence; it brought me into my piece, Liminality, which attempts initially to radiate a sense of fear within the given space, but there is a hope that over a period of time the fear will begin to dissolve and will decrease to a point where the emphasis is more on the viewer’s temptation to touch and to question whether the life-like form is a living human being, a corpse or a simple replica sitting neglected on a bed and hidden by its decay-defying hair. This work refers to some of the desperate concerns we have to record and to leave permanent traces of our decaying mortal selves and to the fear of being forgotten after death - the constant reference to the realm of death in my work serves as a way of furthering the state of living, in acts of transformation which bring awareness of mortality. Through the use of the abstract idea of death I hope to create a reflection of the limit of our control over our own mortal existence, while simultaneously creating a sense of personal healing and release within my work. 

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