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Beautiful flight

Colour, Paper, Other, framed, 2017

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    Thrown out in the world, we live having our desire. If the human being is compared to the being having wings of desire, what we can be compared with? Maybe it could be a wing of feeble dragonfly... We know that in the world and in the universe, the human being is not that important. Watching the wings of dragonfly, I saw the dream of ordinary people. And I came to know that within that, the primitive form of dragonfly that they have possessed from the ancient times has been held yet and still it is flapping the wings stubbornly. Although it is the wing easy to be ripped, I saw the tough life force flapping the wings stubbornly even they are ripped. Nevertheless, I saw the wings of dragonfly flapping. I saw the image of us and I saw the beautiful soaring.For me, the dragonfly is the dream, persistence and hope of ordinary people. Dreaming the world where the ordinary people are happy... my dragonfly project will be continued.