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Meera's Krishna

Canvas, Screenprinting, unframed, 2014

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    Raghavan Rajaram
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    Original value: 250.00
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    Indian Princess Meerabai, a great devotee of Lord Krishna, was a devotee of her own kind. A rebel by social standards, she refused to give in to any social norm that did not resonate with her, and lived life on her own terms. Her love for Krishna was the central force of her life, so much so that she reckoned Krishna as her husband. Legend has it that Meera merged into Lord Krishna, uniting her soul with him for eternity.

    Meera’s image of Krishna was far from conventional. Her Krishna had no specific form, since she saw him in everything around her. Her Krishna was formless and fleshy at the same time. This painting, an interpretation of how Meera might have envisioned Krishna, depicts Him in a way that has a discernable form and is formless at the same time.