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Rorschach Revisited

Photography, unframed, 2016

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    e. Bee Bantug
    Grants Pass
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    Original value: 1,100
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  • Description

    borne of light:
    hints at genesis unfolding:
    unseen worlds in a speck of dust
    fractal dimensions untold
    hold still this quantum moment

    e. Bee purposefully and deliberately uses her camera as brush: racing after movements of light in the ether, she shapes and, literally, as well as figuratively, paints abstract images aiming to penetrate beyond surface realities. And, through all possible ways at the very moment of image creation, she strives to push, blur, and bridge the edges between photography and painting. Without another stroke nor filters added in the darkroom or computer, each image is complete and a vision fulfilled at that very same moment.

    Offering up more than visual aesthetics, she challenges the viewer to look at her images from varying distances. Or, with inner eyes peeled, to catch glimpses of inter-dimensional forces at play in the common everyday objects and the natural world around that she photographs –each image a tribute and testimony to omnipresence and co-creation. The elusive is-ness made evident . . . ever naturally, entirely un-Photoshopped.

    Through her work and imagery, e.Bee invites the viewer to share and experience a one of-a-kind visual presence; a communion with the abundantly rich reality and vital essence rarely accessible, vaguely perceptible, yet that, which at each and every moment infinitely surround our busy lives.