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Urban Jungle

Acrylic, Canvas, unframed, 2011

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    Gunther Jancke
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    Original value: 1,450
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  • Description

    A playful reminiscence of the 2012 London Olympics seen from the shadows of the olympic stadium. "Urban Jungle" was inspired by the diversity and multiculturalism of London, it aims to reduce the variety of colourful facets of the city to graphic ornaments. Urban Jungle was painted in an expressionistic style that resonates with one of Gunther’s greatest artistic role models - Wassily Kandinsky. It also carries an element of ecclesiastical architecture through shapes that remind of fragile stained glass windows of Gothic churches. The Urban Jungle is connected through the winding river Thames, one of the consistent and repetitive elements in Gunther’s work. A few graphic insignia such as the iconic Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Rings or the Tube map accompany it. "Urban Jungle" connects the meandering paths and routes of a concentrated city, represented by powerful and dynamic lines, with the longing for parks, open spaces, for creativity and development.