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The unknown world

Acrylic, Oil, unframed, 2014

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    Aziz Anzabi
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    Original value: 10,800
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  • Description

    In this painting Aziz has tried to show the emotional feelings between men and women. The happiness inside some men's hearts depends on some women. When a drawer of a man's heart is open you can understand his feelings. In this painting the artist has tried to show that without woman there is not man and without man there is no woman.At the bottom of the painting Aziz has painted a few transparent like men and a higher status man who is standing next to them but looks in charge as he is well dressed while the rest don't have any colour on them suggesting they are less important.The transparent men are walking around in a manner that creates the mood of conflict and disagreement and the bright red and orange background encourages this aggression furthermore and prepares and sets the viewer for the contect of what the painting means.This is because the red is so radient and bright that it triggers anger just by just looking at it.
    In Aziz's opinion Iranian woman are one of the very few patient people and because of this he has used Qajarian woman in his painting as a symbol of an Iranian woman.

    Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
    102cm x 102cm


    102(W) x 102(H) x 4(D) cm
    1.5 kg



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