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Acrylic, Found Objects, Wood, framed, 2011

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    Luk Gama
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    Original value: 1,200
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    "Lasantral" in creole from Guadeloupe (F.W.I) can be translated by "the power plant". This acrylic painting I have made on an old wooden door is the only exemplary of a personal graphic reflection about what can be a pagan spiritual quest, for me. This picture came to me after a personal analysis which began as I was thinking of a local traditional song (of the same name in french), mediatically known in Guadeloupe islands since the middle of the 60. Martine Gaston GERMAIN – CALIXTE said « Chaben » the author of this song, is one of the last famous singers of traditional wakes. This type of song has now virtually disappeared. This painting is part of the series " graphics reflections " of the project "Asi chimen... pou bout" (trad. : On the way... to finish) , exposed in Guadeloupe in July 2015 .


    62.5(W) x 124(H) x 2(D) cm
    5 kg



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