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In His Cave no 1

Acrylic, Canvas, unframed, 2017

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    KV Duong
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    Original value: 495.00
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  • Description

    This painting explores the relationship between the conscious and subconscious through a study of shadows cast onto a cave wall. Moving objects in front of a campfire casts flickering shadows. The work is a representation of the following blurred combinations:

    i) the actual outlines and tones of what is cast without context to the objects
    ii) my perception of the shadows with context and knowledge of the objects
    iii) my subconscious and undisclosed thoughts

    Thick layers of gel and pumice medium are applied to build up texture, then combined with layers of monochromatic fields of acrylic paint to achieve a sense of depth.

    Note: There is a 5 cm white top and bottom border to the image in order to provide some white space for framing. Smaller or larger print sizes available upon request.