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Tree Horn

Acrylic, Black And White, Colour, Graphite, Ink, Paint, Paper, Paper Mache, Pen And Ink, Pencil, Tempera, framed, 2017

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    Irene Meniconi
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    Original value: 850.00
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  • Description

    I reached this style and compositional technique after several tests and experiments. Then I did not yet know that everything would be conveyed in these works but, looking back at all of my past production, I can recognize every key element that I brought forward in time, reworking it or not, to join them all in works like "Being Animals".
    Each work can be divided into two main elements: that of instinct and that of reason. The instinctive / random sphere is represented by the collage, the rational one by the drawing. What I like to do is look for a harmony between all these opposing or conflicting elements, so that, put to the service of the artistic act, they are able to create a complete and balanced work, a harmony and a feature of one with each other.
    I start with matter, the element "primordial", casual, crude, imperfect, gestural...I use different kinds of collage paper. The collage is almost totally random and wants to create a base material and a rich surface of ripples that are fertile ground and inspiration for the organisation of the project.
    The drawing is entirely realized to pen, to be precise with black Bic pensThis takes many hours of work and much patience, but this type of pen is perfect for both straight lines and to create shades of chiaroscuro.
    These are "becoming" works: I entrust myself to the pen, my hand, my sensitivity, and, through a sort of "psychic automation", the elements of the work arise.